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by Great Regular Flavor

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Written and recorded by Aaron Stern & Spencer Linn in 2011/12 @ Viewpoint Studios in Portland, OR. In loving memory of Charles Daily.


released September 21, 2012

Spencer Linn- Vocals (1,2,4,6) Bass (1,4,6) Rhythm Guitar (1, 6) Nylon Guitar (6)
Aaron Stern- Guitar (2,3,4) Piano (1,4) 12-string Guitar (5, 6) Roto Guitar (1) Slide Guitar (6) All String/Horn Arrangements
Jeremy Klein- Drums (1, 2, 4), Mixing and Spiritual Guidance
John Stajduhar- Double Bass (1,2,3) Cello (3,4)
Una Rose- Vocals (1,4,6)
Susan Larson- Violin (3, 6)
Jonathan Hwang- Violin (3,4)
Robin Seitz- Trumpet (2, 4)
Elise Cramer- Alto Saxophone (2, 3)
Teal Bluestone- Oboe (3)
Jon Ramm-Gramenz- Trombone (4)
Nick Gerlach- Drums (6)

All songs copyright 2012
Artwork: Lucy E Antone



all rights reserved


Great Regular Flavor Portland, Oregon

Great Regular flavor is a New Weird American rock quartet from Portland, OR. They can be heard practicing every Sunday afternoon on SE 34th and Division.

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Track Name: VirtuAll Seeing iGlass
Everything is made apparent to me
Accessible instantly
I can comment on your streaming thoughts
and I can clear your history

With a click of a second glance
Through the CyberSpective
of my VirtuAll Seeing iGlass

The display is my hiding place
Now that every boundary has been erased
Privacy has gone out of taste

I have never met you before
and I already know what to ignore
Pretending to pretend that
That glass floating headshot is yours

The body is a trifling thing
Shackled to a limited screen
In between immortality
Waiting for transcendence to finish buffering

The display is my hiding place
Privacy has gone out of taste
Now that every boundary has been erased
You will vanish without a trace
Track Name: Mrs. Kisses
The locksmith to my heart
dropped shop and moved away
You've got the sole copy
So be sure to keep it safe for me

That's the way it should be
Life is boring unless she's crazy

Seagulls clucking away
Dead leaves castanet down the street
The girl in the floppy hat
Stares at me like a piece of meat

That's the way it should be
Life is boring unless she's crazy

Here's the end of the song
and I'll be damned if it's
mushy and long
Go ahead and pretend it's for you
But baby, you'd be dead wrong

That's the way it should be
Life is boring unless your crazy
Life is so boring unless she's crazy
Track Name: Take My Word For It
There's a fine disconnect
from what to hope
and what to expect
I'd give my life to change this course
If I couldn't feel my selfish remorse

What is your complaint?
We have all the answers
You don't deserve a life so great
We'll never stop the cancer

My crime is legitimate
I can't bring myself to quit
I'm full of empty promises
Take my word for it

What a delightful puppet show
We think we know how it goes
The green seams bind the dummies
Fooling the crowd for the real thing
When it's so plain to see
Is when we need the most convincing
What are you protecting?
What are you protecting?

I thought I was free
But I'm comfortably enslaved
We don't have what it takes
So we prepare for twisting fate.
Track Name: Problem Play
In my head
Those brown cat eyes
Are always staring through my soul
In my head
All of your white lies
Have begun to take their toll
And you may ask
If this is truly a love song
Then why in the world
Does it feel so dark
Well, my answer to that
As a matter of fact
When it comes to love
I'm like a tiger shark

In my head
It's just the three of us
And there's no one who
Wants me to choose
In my head
You don't put up a fuss
And I don't pick which
Love to lose
And you may recall
The answer to that question
Some bullshit about
Being a shark
Well, the truth after all
I'm plagued with indecision
That's why this love song
Turned out so dark

She's got this look about her
Like she's got something to say
She's got this look about her
I just can't look away

And she's trying to bring me down